Our VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil is currently out of stock. Please consider our OMEGA Rich Algal Oil in the meantime. Our OMEGA RICH Algal Oil is loaded with yummy DHA and EPA, just like fish oil. In fact, fish and thus fish oil gets all of their OMEGA-3 content by eating Algae so by consuming algal oil, you are getting ever closer to the true source of OMEGA-3 Fatty Acids.

VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil is a beautiful blend of natural fish oil with an ultra-high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (70%) and the highest level of purity on the market.

These fatty acids offer a range of reproductive and general health benefits.* They play a vital role in the structure and formation of every cell in the body (including sperm and egg cells), an important immune functionality (which plays a critical role in establishing and maintaining pregnancy), and supports vital hormonal and neurological function and development in both adults and growing fetuses.*

Who it's For:

  • Men & Women who are actively trying to get pregnant (both naturally and with fertility treatments like IUI and IVF)*
  • Women who are already pregnant*
  • Men and women regardless of life stage as omega 3 fatty acids are an important part of any dietary needs*

When to Take it:

Eggs and Sperm development for approximately 90 days prior to ovulation and ejaculation. VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil should be taken at least 30 (but ideally 90 days) prior to attempting naturally or with fertility treatments.

It should be continued during pregnancy and beyond for both males and females.

Why Molecular Fertility's VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil:

Simply put, not all fish oil is made the same. There is often a concern when taking fish due to purity, potential heavy metal exposure, and oxidation. We at Molecular Fertility hunted far and wide to find what we believe is the best fish oil refinery in the world.  Our Fish Oil proudly uses fish oil from boutique fish refinery GC Rieber in Norway whose refined fish oil product VIVOMEGA blows every international 5 start standard out of the water.


Not only is our Fish Oil incredibly pure and unadulterated by oxidizing free radicals, it's also one of the most potent fish oils on the market. Most generic fish oils only contain around 30% omega 3 fatty acids like EPA/DHA meaning you would need to take over two times the amount of oil to see the health and physiological benefits. Of course, that also means that if you want to make one of our recommended 30 day supply bottles stretch into a 90 day supply, you would still be getting the same amount of Omega 3s per day as most standard fish oils.

Other Supplements to Take with Fish Oil:

  • Supplements for Female:
    • Peak Prenatal:  While Ovarian Bloom is generally only taken by females with unexplained or female diagnosed infertility, The Peak Prenatal+ is a super high-quality prenatal vitamin and should be taken by all women who are expecting or attempting to conceive. Fertility experts and OBGYNs alike recommend all females (even those with no reproductive issues) take a prenatal for 3 months prior to conception to ensure their body has all the nutrients it needs to support early egg and fetal development.*
    • Ovarian Bloom: While the Peak Prenatal forms the foundations and should be taken by anyone expected pregnancy or trying to conceive, the Ovarian Bloom is loaded with nutrients to balance hormones and improve egg quality for those suffering from infertility.*
  • Supplements for Male Partner:
    • Male Preconception+The Male Preconception+ provides the best nutrients for increased sperm count, motility, morphology, and DNA and should be taken by most M/F couples trying to conceive as 50% of infertility has male factor causes.