Female Essential+


Female Essential+


Our Female Essential Plus is designed to deliver optimal nutritional support for mom and baby in all stages of life - with a very special focus on preparing mom's to be with a strong pre-conception fertile foundation.

Loaded with a sweeping range of life's essential nutrients, patented ingredients, and formulated by some of the most respected fertility experts in the world, this is the foundation you need for life - from pre-conception to pre & postnatal.

Who it's For:

  • Females actively trying to conceive.
  • Those who are already pregnant or breastfeeding.

When to Take it:

Eggs go through their final stage of development for approximately 90 days prior to ovulation. 

Most experts recommend that preconception and prenatal vitamins like FEMALE Essential+ should be taken at least 30 (but ideally 90 days) prior to attempting naturally or fertility treatment.

Ingredient Spotlight:

  • Vitamin A: for egg quality, ovarian response, implantation, embryonic development, placental formation*
  • Vitamin D: improves pregnancy and fertility treatment outcomes*
  • Vitamin E: improves reproductive health*
  • Folate (Quatrefolic®): reduces the risk of ovulatory infertility and neural birth defects*
  • Iron: Iron reduces the risk of ovulatory infertility*
  • Iodine: low iodine shown to have 46% lower chance of conception each month*
  • Inositol: improves ovarian response*
  • Choline: improve offspring cognition, neurodevelopment, and placental functioning, and to protect against neural and metabolic insults*

And so many other goodies!!!