VESIsorb® Vitamin D3 - Molecular Fertility
VESIsorb® Vitamin D3 - Molecular Fertility

VESIsorb® Vitamin D3

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Vitamin D levels have been linked to clinical pregnancy rates, sperm motility, and other measures of male and female fertility.* Similarly, studies have shown vitamin D levels to be important for cardiovascular health and circulation, immune, and cellular health, all of which have their own important role in maintaining and supporting healthy reproductive organs, gametes, and overal fertility.*

Like many other fat-soluble vitamins and dietary supplements, Vitamin D struggles to be absorbed in the intestines.* And that's where our collaboration with VESIsorb® comes in.

VESIsorb® is a renowned swiss biotech company specializing in enhanced pharmacologic and nutraceutical delivery systems to improve absorption, bioavailability, and efficacy of poorly absorbed nutrients. 

Our VESIsorb® Vitamin D3 has been clinically shown to have 600% better absorption than traditional Vitamin D supplements.* So you need less and get more.*I 

 Product Highlights:

  • 90 day supply
  • Vastly superior better absorption than standard Vitamin D due to patented VESIsorb® technology.


Sperm Quality

Vitamin D helps support normal sperm count, motility and morphology.*

Egg Quality

Healthy vitamin D levels help support egg and female reproductive health.*

Enhanced Absorption

The patented VESISORB® technology provides dramatically better absorption of vitamin D compared to standard preparations.*

The Vesisorb® Difference

Bioavailable Vitamin D


A Better You

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