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VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil - Molecular Fertility


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VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil is a beautiful blend of natural fish oil with an ultra-high concentration of Omega-3 Fatty Acids (70%) and the highest levels of purity on the market.

Omega 3 fatty acids offer a range of reproductive and general health benefits.* They play a vital role in the structure and formation of every cell in the body (including sperm and egg cells), have important immune functionality, and support hormone synthesis and neurological development and function in humans during all stages of life and development.*

Product Specs:

  • 2340 mg Omega-3 Fatty Acids Per Serving | 1200 mg DHA | 900 mg EPA | 240 other Omega 3s
  • 30 Day Supply | 90 Softgels Per Bottle

Product Highlights:

  • Tripple Purified and Molecular Distilled for ultra-pure fish oil with amazing taste and smell
  • Pharmaceutical grade
  • Heavy Metal Free
  • Sustainably Harvested from Wild Anchovy, Sardine, and Mackerel
  • Superior Concentration: Over 2x the concentration of standard fish oil
  • Product of Norway


  • Supports sperm motility, structure, and function*
  • Supports egg quality.*
  • Supports fetal and infant brain, eye, and nervous system development.
  • Supports brain, eye, and nervous system function*
  • Supports healthy cardiovascular function*
  • Supports healthy glucose and insulin metabolism*

    When to Take it:

    Eggs and Sperm develop for approximately 90 days prior to ovulation and ejaculation. It's therefore suggested that our VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil is taken at least 30 (but ideally 90 days) prior to seeing sperm, egg, and other reproductive benefits.*

    Of course, omega 3s are lacking tremendously in the standard American diet and have many benefits and therefore can generally be taken at any time in one's life.*

    Why Molecular Fertility's Fish Oil:

    Simply put, not all fish oil is made the same. There is often a concern when taking fish oil due to purity, potential heavy metal exposure, and oxidation. 

    We hunted far and wide to find the best fish oil refinery imaginable, and we found it.

    Our Fish Oil proudly uses oil from boutique fish refinery GC Rieber in Norway whose refined fish oil product VIVOMEGA blows every international 5 start standard out of the water.

    Not only is our Fish Oil incredibly pure and unadulterated by oxidizing free radicals, it's also one of the most potent fish oils on the market.

    Most generic fish oils only contain around 30% omega 3 fatty acids like EPA/DHA meaning you would need to take over two times the amount of oil to see the health and physiological benefits.

    That also means that if you want to make one of our recommended 30 day supply bottles stretch into a 90 day supply, you would still be getting the same amount of Omega 3s per day as most standard fish oils.

    VIVOMEGA™ is a trademark of GC Rieber and a proud partner of Molecular Fertility™.


    bring on the good stuff

    Glowing Egg Icon

    Female Fertility Support

    Omega 3 fatty acids help supports egg quality, hormone function, and overall female reproductive health.*

    Sperm Fertilizing Egg Icon

    Male Preconception Support

    High potency DHA + EPA supports sperm motility and overall male reproductive fitness.*

    Pregnant Woman Icon

    Pre & Post Natal Support

    The American Pregnancy Association recommends pregnant and lactating women consume a minimum of 300 mg DHA per day to meet the fetal and newborn demands in assisting with neurological and other developmental needs.*

    Healthy Heart Icon

    Heart, Brain, Immune and General Health

    Omega 3s support a host of other systems for your general health and wellbing including brain, heart, and immune health.*

    Mackerel Swimming in Ocean

    It starts good.
    It stays good.

    Produced from Sustainable, Wild Caught, Sardines, Anchovy, and Mackerel; Refined and Concentrated in Norway.

    Superior Concentration

    At 70% DHA + EPA, our VIVOMEGA™ Fish Oil is has over twice the concentration of DHA/EPA of standard fish oil.

    Superior Form

    Unlike many fish oil products that are broken down into ethyl esters during processing, all molecular fertility fish oils are in their natural Triglyceride form found in fish and most easily absorbed.

    Supirior Taste

    Tripple Purified and Molecular Distilled for ultra-pure fish oil with amazing taste and smell. Tastes so fresh, you can do the unthinkable for fish oil - chew the softgel and enjoy the amazing taste.*

    Quality Specifications for Fish Oil

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