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Peak Prenatal

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The Peak Prenatal is a premium prenatal supplement designed to deliver optimal nutritional support for mom and baby during preconception, prenatal, and postnatal times.*

Loaded with a sweeping range of life's essential nutrients and patented ingredients, this is the foundation of life and helps support preconception, prenatal, and postconception health.*

Product Specs:

  • 180 capsules | 6 capsules per serving | 30 day supply
  • Vegetarian Capsules
  • 42 ingredients | 14 patented and or Trademarked nutrients


  • Supports egg and preconception health.*
  • Supports pregnancy and healthy fetal development.*
  • Supports healthy mom and baby in 4th trimester.*

    When to Take it:

    Most experts recommend that preconception and prenatal vitamins like Peak Prenatal should be taken at least 30 (but ideally 90 days) prior to conception.

    That recommendation is based on the fact that eggs start the final stage of development for approximately 90 days prior to ovulation so it is important the egg that will become your baby has all the nutrients it needs to grow healthily and so that you have all the nutrients the growing embryo and fetus needs from the moment of conception.*


      Supports egg and preconception health.*

      Supports pregnancy and fetal development.*

      Supports mom and baby in 4th trimester.*

      Supreme Quality

      The Peak Prenatal is like no other prenatal on the market and features 41 nutritional ingredients including 14 patented/ trademarked nutrients that have clinically demonstrated absorption, bioavailability, comfortable digestion, and or superior efficacy compared to their generic vitamin and mineral counterparts.*

      Active Folate

      We use an active folate salt that ensures those with MTHFR deficiencies which effect up to 25% of some populations get the folate they need. Folate helps support egg and ovulatory structure and function and helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects.*


      Choline helps support fetal neural development, memory capabilities, and placental functioning.  Unfortunately, studies show 90-95% of pregnant women aren’t meeting adequate intake levels and many prenatals don’t include any.  We packed in 200 mg of VitaCholine™, a natural (L+) tartaric acid form of choline that rapidly dissolves making it highly bioavailable opposed to traditional DL synthetic bound choline. 


      These trademarked and patented amino acid mineral chelates are clinically backed to improve digestive comfort and absorption.*


      This unique shelf stable probiotic species, Bacillus coagulans, is the only known spore forming lactic acid-producing bacteria and as such can germinate and proliferate in the intestine and effectively prevent the growth of pathogens.*


      A unique, fully chelated iron product that has been shown to have better absorption, a lower risk of upset stomachs compared to other iron products.*

      Superfood blend

      An awesome blend of Chlorella and Spirulina (the two most nutrient dense foods on earth as researched by NASA for astronauts), antioxidant rich cranberry, and ginger root to help ease morning sickness*.

      Supreme Vitamin D

      We doubled up on what you typically see in prenatal vitamins (50 mcg compared to 25 mcg) as many modern studies have shown extra vitamin D helps achieve blood levels that properly support egg health along with mother and fetus during pregnancy.*

      Vitamin E and Mixed Tocopherols

      Tocopherols are a family of compounds that together make up different forms of vitamin E. Most prenatals add a little d-alpha tocopherol and leave it at that, we added them all because new research is showing they're all important.*


      Iodine was a fairly common dietary additive via table-salt until the rise of natural Himalayan and sea salt. Iodine helps support normal reproductive function.*

      Vitamin A

      For most prenatals, vitamin a comes only in the form of beta carotene, which actually isn't vitamin A at all and must first be converted by your body. We're giving your biology a shortcut and giving you the good stuff. Vitamin A helps support egg, ovarian, uterine, and placental health.*


      Around 30% of menstruating women and 40% of pregnant women have been shown to be iron deficient. Iron helps support ovarian health, ovulatory function, and helps support the oxygen demands of a growing fetus.*


      Helps support and balance blood sugar levels, normal ovulatory function, and egg quality.*

      Match Made in heaven

      fish Oil

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      VitaCholine™ is a Trademark of Balchem Corporation. Lactospore® is a registered trademark of Sabinsa Corporation. Albion™, DimaCal™, Ferrochel™ and TRAACS™ are trademarks of Albion Laboratories, Inc.

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